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“4 exercises, singable in 1 minute, make it possible to sight-read any song!”

SCALESTHENICS in PICTURES – An Instruction Video
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SCALESTHENICS in PRACTICE – 340 Graded Melodies
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“The sweetest music isn’t what we sing, but what we enable others to sing!”


The best part about the method is it works for all ages at school or at home!

Do you remember this education goal of the 20th century?
America will be musically literate by the year 2000!
If what we’ve tried so hard to teach worked,
why are thousands coming to our site?
Many music teachers are secretly using this.
When 20% musicians have to teach 80% students,
they soon discover that these kids need imagery to learn.

These educational materials are refundable when you use IRS form #2106!